Weatherstripping Sets

Weatherstripping, weatherstripping, and more weatherstripping….. We are Winnipeg’s best kept secret when it comes to weatherstripping. We carry a large selection of door weatherstrip sets, garage door weatherstripping, smoke seal, pile and replacement rubbers and Q-foam inserts…

Too many to list all, shown are a few of our most popular styles.

Our brush sweeps have been engineered to keep cold or hot air from entering around any opening. Weatherseal brush products are made from the finest nylon and polypropylene filament materials and our holders are made from sturdy extruded aluminum. They have been tested by UL and can be applied on up to a three-hour rated fire door. Brushes come in different length filaments, holders available in both clear and bronze colour, both angled and 180°

Brush sweep

Bumper Threshold

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